Proudly delivering this Year 6 financial literacy curriculum to every primary school in the UK, all 21,000

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Our Year 6 curriculum
A journey

We did it!

In 2016, recognising a need for financial education amongst primary school age children, a group of volunteers from the worlds of finance and education decided to start a grassroots effort to create a Year 6 Financial Literacy curriculum from scratch. We used the learnings, data and feedback from our interactions with over fifteen thousand students and hundreds of schools as a basis for these materials.

To realise our dream of delivering our Year 6 Financial Literacy curriculum to every primary school in the country, we worked hard to get sponsorship amongst primarily friends and family to make this initiative a reality. We were overwhelmed by the amazing support we received and the result is that we now have the ability the ability to deliver these valuable educational materials to every primary school in the UK, completely free of charge.

It was important to us that these educational materials were of the highest possible standard and that is why for the past three years we have worked closely to develop them with over fifteen Head Teachers and Year 6 teachers.

We have also worked with Young Money, the UK’s leading independent authority on financial education. To secure the Young Money Quality Mark (which is supported and endorsed by the Department for Education and Education Scotland), the Teacher’s Manual and the accompanying PowerPoint presentations and Teacher’s Notes were thoroughly peer-reviewed and vetted. Schools and teachers therefore can have complete confidence that these resources are both financially accurate and of the highest educational value.

Everyone at City Pay it Forward is an unpaid volunteer. The City Pay it Forward initiative is a wholly charitable organisation and the fact that we are able to provide this Year 6 Financial curriculum to every primary school in the UK free of charge is very important to us and core to our mission.

Our guiding principal is to make a positive impact in the lives of young people and to give something back to our communities. That is where the concept of “pay it forward” comes from!

We really do hope you find these materials useful, impactful and engaging. We know that we have enjoyed the three year journey to bring them to you.

Team City Pay it Forward